YouTuber and Twitch streamer Karl Jacobs is well known for his gaming videos and live streams of games such as Roblox and Minecraft. He has also gained fame for joining Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson’s crew in 2020.

With more than 2 million YouTube subscribers and 2.6 million Twitch followers, Karl Jacobs is a prominent figure in both communities. Here’s a look at some of the 22-year-old’s best moments.

5) Karl Jacobs dancing

Having fun on his karaoke stream in January 2021, Karl Jacobs took to Twitch to show his fans some moves for the dancefloor.

The streamer’s dance included a few popular moves like “The Robot” and “The Running Man.” He mixed these up with random flailing of his hands and groovy footwork, as fans found his moves hilarious and entertaining.

4) Karl Jacobs gets his first tattoo

As part of MrBeast’s 24 hours, 1 million dollars live stream, Karl and the rest of the crew got tattoos as a tribute to milestones on their gaming channel.

Since the former GamerBoyKarl was scared, other members asked him why he was doing it. They also reminded him of what they told fans would happen if they hit 10 million subscribers on the gaming channel.

Although looking terrified before getting the tattoo, Karl Jacobs eventually gave in and got the tattoo. Fans were excited for him yet felt terrible as he was terrified of needles.

3) Karl Jacobs thankful to Dream

In a stream from the beginning of 2021, Twitch streamer Dream tells Karl Jacobs to leave the room and then tell everyone viewing the stream to subscribe to him.

The broadcaster returns to the room to find his subscriber count growing massively by the minute, eventually receiving thousands of new subs. Touched by Dream’s kind gesture, Jacobs began to cry.

2) Karl Jacobs pretends to be AFK while playing Imposter

In the clip above from Karl’s stream, he plays the popular game, Among Us. One person out of a certain number of people becomes the “Imposter” and kills the others. Everyone else tries to guess who the Imposter is.

Pretending to be “AFK,” or away from keyboard, Karl Jacobs killed a player and stood next to the body without saying anything. Players began asking him what happened, only to get no response.

The internet star and his fans found his getaway hilarious as other people in the game believed him and blamed someone else as the Imposter.

1) Karl Jacobs meets Corpse Husband on Dream’s server

In Jan 2021, Karl Jacobs surprised his subscribers with a video of him meeting well-known Twitch streamer Corpse Husband for the first time on the Dream Minecraft server.

Fans found their initial Minecraft meeting iconic and hilarious, as Corpse’s character wore a Hooters outfit on top of a cat skin, making Karl laugh. According to the latter, the interaction was “some of the best content that’s ever existed.”

If you are a big fan of Karl Jabobs, I’m sure that you would know all these things. Let’s get to know more about him at our blog here. 

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